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Hardcore Henry Official Trailer

Hardcore Henry Official Trailer.  In theaters April 8, 2016.  I saw this trailer yesterday before Zoolander 2 (which was complete crap compared to the first one — which was also crap, just not as smelly).  I know first-person shooter gamers

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Daylight Saving – Official Trailer

It’s November. Many of you are enduring the Halloween party hangover right now, probably contemplating the call to the neighborhood Chinese restaurant for delivery, as you sit on the couch in half of your costume from the night before. If

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Annabelle (2014) Official Trailer

One of the better horror films to come out in a while was a spooky film called The Conjuring. It released last year in July 2013. The film is based on “true” events as “experienced” by husband and wife-paranormal investigators

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Nothing Left to Fear – Official Trailer

Nothing Left to Fear

Are you a fan of rock star Slash? Did you know he’s producing horror films now? He is. You can check out Nothing Left to Fear by storyboard artist, now director, Anthony Leonardi III coming to DVD, Video on Demand,

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Insidious 2: Official Trailer


After seeing Red2 got the greenlight, it really doesn’t surprise me that a sequel to Insidious got the nod. Producers really lost me, and a lot of others, on the first one. Not the mind-f**k they were going for, but

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