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West Side Mickey HatYou can connect with me on many social networks, but I can be hit-n-miss on a lot of them at any given time.  Below is a list of Networks that I try to frequent regularly:

Yelp is kind of my favorite social network right now, yet I am probably on Twitter most.  I’m losing interest in Facebook, but I still check in, pretty much, daily.  On Twitter, I am most often logged into my @SquaredEric account, but comb the others frequently.  On Instagram, I am on my Snap Matter account most often due to posting daily shout outs.  I will be creating a new Instagram account solely for my art and photography soon.  Perhaps it has already been created since updating this page (June 6, 2015).  Ha!

Links to my social network accounts:

Yelp:  Eric C

Eric Courtney Facebook Profile
Facebook: Think Tunk Productions
Facebook: BROWZ Magazine
Facebook: Snap Matter Magazine

Twitter:  @SquaredEric
Twitter:  @ThinkTunk
Twitter:  @BROWZMagazine
Twitter:  @SnapMatter

Instagram: Thinktunk
Instagram:  SnapMatter
Instagram: BrowzMagazine

Pinterest: Eric Courtney

500px: Think Tunk

LinkedIn: Eric Courntey

Photo ofEric Courtney
Eric Courtney
Job Title
Think Tunk Productions

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