Eric Courtney

Eric Courtney
I am an Artist.  I struggle to pave my own way.  I am creative at heart, and I try to implement that creativity in everything I do.  While creativity comes to me naturally, I have been educated as well.  I’ve taken enough art related courses to know that I wasted a lot of my time during those studies, wandering from the path to pure and unlearned creative insight.  I am, however, content with some of the tools I gathered along the way.

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I have over 17 years experience in Online Media. During that 17+ years I have helped design and maintain some of Alaska’s most popular websites, including (the Anchorage Daily News),, and (Channel 2 Broadcasting NBC). The majority of my experience while working for those companies was in, design, content management, online marketing and advertising.  One of my most notable achievements during my time in Alaska was designing the state’s first web based interactive map for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. After an 11 year stint in Anchorage, I moved back home to the Sacramento area in October 2008 (where I was born and raised).

I rely on a camera most when it comes to expressing my own visual interpretation of art/storytelling.  Still imagery is my favorite right now, so naturally I use equipment that will accommodate my needs.  I like shooting anything and everything, but people are my primary interest. I work with a lot of local models, and it is through this pool of talent that allows me to take my portfolio in the direction I want to go.  I also enjoy filmmaking, and other creative media.  Video is starting to talk to me again, after a long absence, so don’t be surprised if you see me start up a YouTube channel out of nowhere (insert visual of a Scene Clacker here).  Very recently (early 2015), I have rediscovered my love of painting. I have been squeezing a wedge into my schedule just to play with acrylics and canvas, and it has been a lot of fun. I will be sure to create blog posts and photos of my painting experience frequently. I am always planning a project that I would like to take on, or trying a new food or craft beer in the local Sacramento area. I have become quite the foodie since I moved back from Alaska. Catch me on Yelp here! I also love to drive everyone nuts by quoting dialogue from classic films and television commercials.

I can be very goofy, but I am professional when the time requires it.  I like to make things fun, either way.

What I am up to now
Right now I am providing photography services to real estate agents, restaurants, interior designers and fresh-faced talent looking to get into the modeling industry. You can find some of my pretty pictures of models via Think Tunk Productions.  I photograph models of all shapes, sizes and ages, and I am always happy to do a family portrait sitting or senior portraits, and I even manage to squeeze in a wedding or two every year.  I also own and manage two remote published magazines.  One is called Snap Matter.  It is a networking magazine for models, photographers, artists and fashion designers.  The other is BROWZ Magazine.  It is a men’s interest magazine.

Think Tunk Productions – Origin of the name TUNK
Although I am in the process of transitioning into a new brand, the name Tunk originated from an old home-movie production put together by my cousin when I was a kid. The film was called Butch vs. Tunk, and I believe it was filmed in 1975. It starred my three cousins and my two brothers. The character, Tunk was played by my oldest cousin who filmed the movie in 16mm. Tunk was a lumbering guy. Big and strong and loyal to his friends. Although he wasn’t the smartest guy in the world, he was protective of those close to him — wanting them to be safe from all negative forces in the world. Butch, played by my older brother, was always out to do harm against those close to Tunk. Butch was a tough guy, but Tunk was invincible. Needless to say, Tunk beat down Butch because Butch attempted wrong-doings to Tunk’s circle of friends.

So Tunk has always been a name that I have associated with heroism and loyalty. Not perfection by any means, but loaded with heart that is filled with good intentions. Now you know it is not an acronym, although I have tried to come with something clever in the past. It’s just a name. Now a brand! I get asked all the time about it’s origin. Now you know.

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